Thursday, August 13, 2015

IGGLE Camp Journeys: Final Wrap Up

Today is the first day of camp at IGGPPCamp. This is a great way to discover how wonderful the iggle community can be! There are many fun challenges during camp, so I will be checking in everyday to share my results.

Day 5 & 6

Life intervened so I didn't get to all of the final days Camp activities but I did finish both of the fitness challenges and listened to coraline on audio. I plan on having an Iggle Camp after party this wekend to do some of the crafts that I missed.
                                                       Day 4
                   Today I finished the Bingo Chalenge
                                                      B  read with a pet
                                                      I   read a graphic novel of choice
                                                     N   read a manga
                                                     G    read outside
                                                     O    read a short story
                             I also completed day 4 of iggle fitness !
Day 3

Today was another Watch a long! i enjoyed my first goosebumps episodes. I also built my igglefort and completed the iggle fitness challenge for the day.
Day 2
Hello! My camp journey continues! 
Yesterday I :
Did some Jump rope for Iggle Fitness
Participated in a live tweet of the movie Coraline
Read The Banana Academy for Reading Bingo
Did some art projects and coloring

Day 1

Fitness Bootcamp
Today i went to the gym and did the Iggle Fitness warm up
Camp Reading Game
A Bingo game with books? Of corse Im in! Today I read :
Attack On Titan before The Fall vol 3
I also chatted with fellow campers on Twitter! More fun tomorrow!

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