Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Star Wars: Journey To The Force Awakens : Look & Find

Bb-8 has been the adorable mascot of many of the new Star Wars releases.  I'll confess his presence on the cover made this book a must buy. This book has a lot of elements popular in the Where's Waldo series of books. 

The initial pages in the book cover important scenes from the first six Star Wars films. On the right of each page is a list of characters to search for and the back of the book has some other activities that lead the reader to discover more in the pages then originally seen.

Some  of my favorite pages were the Cantina scene from Episode IV, and the hidden Stormtroopers on the Bespin page.

The Force Awakens Pages
The last four pages of this book are set on the planet Jakku. These pages showcase Rey and the landscape she scavenges from. 
There is also an appearance of Finn and Bb-8. We also see pages of the Jakku marketplace
and Rey amongst the villagers.

There is very little spoiler material in this book, just a little bit more of the puzzle of Rey's journey in The Force Awakens.

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