Monday, November 9, 2015

Marvel Monday Star- Lord Vol 2 by Humphries & Medina

This volume was a mixed bag for me because it was a crossover with the Black Vortex series. The problem with crossovers is if you are only reading part of the complete storyline it interrupts the flow of the other series. 

There are some great things that come out of this series and they are all around Peter and Kitty Pryde's relationship. I have to confess I was not a fan initially of this pairing. But watching this couple go from hologram dates to actually being in the same room together, I've fallen to the power of StarKitty, KittyLord or what ever else you want to call them.
The two of them don't get much time together before they are in the middle of and Intergalactic War over and ancient magic that "powers up" heroes who submit to the vision the mirror shows them.

So it's very recommended to read this volume along with the Black Vortex collection. 

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