Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Review: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

This is the book fans of The Clone Wars have been waiting for. After a season of missing missions that premiered on netflix, fans still had a lot of questions about certain characters, and Asajj Ventress topped the list. 

Asajj as a former apprenticeof Count  Dooku has lived with darkness for most of her life. After failing to exact vengeance on Dooku Ventress walks a solitary path. She is no longer purely dark nor fully light. Ventress makes her life as a bounty hunter when the machinations of theJedi council brings Quinlan Vos into her life.

Quinlan has been charged by the Jedi to assassinate Dooku and he needs Ventress to do it. Once the pair begin to work together an unexpected attraction builds between them. As Ventress leads Vos into training focusing on the darker side of the force he lets go of many of his Jedi vows.

This sets the stage for tragedy as the pairs confrontation to Dooku leads to Vos's capture.

This was an amazing read. I've always wanted a redemptive arc for Ventress. She is one of the few strong women in the Star Wars franchise and Golden captures the essence of what I love about her.

A stellar read. This book broke my heart in so many ways but left me competly satisfied.

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