Sunday, November 8, 2015

Review: StarWars Rebels: The Secret Academy

This is the last book in the Servants of The Empire series and its a very satisfying conclusion. Zare Leoinis has reached his goal. He is on Arkanis, the planet on which his sister has been captured.

Zare must infiltrate a special group of cadets in order to visit the restricted area he thinks Dhara is being held at. The book also shifts focus to Merei, Zares former girlfriend. Merei finds that the hacking she did for Zare is coming back to haunt her. Now she must get her parent's and Zare's off Lothal, and find a way to help Zare. 

As the cover shows, some guest stars from Rebels show up to help balance the odds. The last few chapters in this book are action packed and the majority of the plot threads are neatly tied up. I'm going to miss Zare and company's adventures. I hope they show up on Rebel's again soon.

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