Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sci-Fi Month: Crossover Sunday: Snow Piercer

There was a great buzz about SnowPiercer last year, and it was on Netflix really quickly so I watched it. It's a phenomenal film. Like all great Science Fiction it is character focused. Of course the elements of status would follow the last of humanity crowded onto a train. The end cars of the train would be the middle to lower class, the high end car would be full of excess and cruelty. 

I haven't watched the film again but its message and ending stay with me. When I was at my library the other day I saw this book:

I didn't realize that the movie was based on a Graphic Novel series. The creators are Jacques Lob and the art is by Jean-Marc Rochette.

The story opens with guards beating an escapee from the tail of the train. His name is Proloff and he has managed to make it to the middle section.

The guards have plans to interrogate him but are interrupted by the arrival of an activist who is petitioning for human treatment for Prolov. 

The next morning a strange virus begins to kill people in the middle classes and Prolov is brought to the first class cars to meet those in charge.

The tone of this book is very different than the movie. The protagonist isn't really a hero. He is however committed to taking risks to improve his quality of life. 

The end of the first volume leaves a lot of story threads up in the air so I'm looking forward to reading these:


Lianne @ said...

I read the first volume of the comics but never got around to its following installment. Nor have I gotten around to the movie even though it was the movie that first piqued my attention. The worldbuilding and the situation that these characters found themselves in are very eerie and fascinating. Will definitely have to bump the movie up my list of things to watch :)

John Mutford said...

I saw the movie first and went back to read the comics. One of those rare cases where I thought the movie was WAYYY better than the book.