Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sci- Fi Month Review: Luke Skywalker Can't Read & Other Geeky Truths by Ryan Britt

Plume Books
You may call yourself  Fangirl/Fanboy , Geek or Nerd, but the heart of any fandom is discussion or debate. That's is putting it nicely of course. Fandoms affect our lives so much they require discussion. Though many resort to anger and name calling the healthiest most enjoyable form of debate is informed opinion.
This is what I adore about Ryan's book.

 Ryan knows his fandoms. Backwards and Forwards. Ryan also has a healthy desire to reason out certain trains of thought: Like the lack of literacy in a galaxy far far away, How Lugosi's sense of style changed the face of Dracula forever, Robots and the Nostalgia of Back To The Future.

In each essay Britt's love for the subject rings through but he is also able to play devils advocate and look deeper into various themes and meanings.  And he knows every rebuttal your geeky little mind is screaming at the book while reading it, and he answers them beautifully (again he knows his STUFF)

This book reminded me of all those wonderful conversations with best friends, comic shop employees and random strangers in line at San Diego Comic-Con!

So grab this book and prepare to laugh, heartily shake your head yes and no, and prepare to geek out. A stellar read that I look forward to reading and discussing again and again.