Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tea Diaries 3: Your Fall Tea Chest

As we move into the Fall and Winter months, a well stocked  Tea Chest can add health and vitality to your morning or evening tea rituals. I chose the Yogi Tea line of products to showcase for this post because they are both delicious and healthy.

                                        Immunity & Joint Health

The herbs in these teas help boost your body's natural immunity and help with the aches and pains of winter weather. it is important to check with your doctor when consuming teas with herbs like Echinacea if you are on any medication.

                             Cold Season & Detox

This sampler pack has several teas to help your body find balance during a cold. Detox teas are great for the system because of the potential to eat to excess during the Holidays.

Warming Tea's

Take a visit to the Yogi Tea site HERE to learn more about Yogi teas and to send a Gift of Tea to Friends and Family for free.

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