Sunday, December 6, 2015

12 Days Day 6 : Holiday Romance Are You Naughty Or Nice

Holiday Romances are my special treat during the holiday season. It's the one time of the year I read Contemporary Romance though I love diving into Historical holiday romances the best. I have been slowly getting a stash of reads from Netgalley for the last few weeks but I'm really excited by an offer I received this week.

The wonderful people at St. Martin's Press  Sent me a group of Holiday themed romance to chose from along with Netgalley download links around  the theme of :
     Naughty or Nice

As my list below show I'm feeling Naughty with a side of Nice! I will be reading and reviewing these books and novellas this month:

A Little Bit Of Nice 

I'm so excited to read these! Be sure to visit the link above to see what other great books St. Martin's press has. Happy Reading!


poetryinleaves said...

I'm not in a nice mood since I missed the 10 gift card ;)

Pamk said...