Friday, December 18, 2015

Rebel Musings: 5 Jedi I would Like To See As Force Ghosts

One of the most  iconic scenes in Return of The Jedi is the end where Luke Skywalker sees the Force Ghosts of Yoda, Obi-Wan and young Anakin Skywalker.

Iv'e often thought of that scene and of other fallen Jedi.  Order 66 and the Emperors rise lead to a variety of victims.  Though the "big three" at the end of ROTJ is a nice moment I started to think of other jedi I like to see as force ghosts. Here are my top 5:

                                     Qui-Gon Jinn

Here is the Jedi who taught Yoda himself how to communicate with him in the great beyond. Maybe Obi-Wan as well. It would be nice to see him and Ben ghosting together, talking over old times.

                                       Plo Koon


When Dave Filoni confirmed that Plo was dead, my heart broke. Plo quickly became my favorite Jedi in Clone Wars.  it would be wonderful if he could appear to Ahsoka during the dark times that are coming  for the Rebels.

                                       Depa Billaba

Every since I finished the first arc of the Kanan comic book series I've wanted to learn more about his master Depa. There is a non canon book that explores her journey after an emotional break down. Kanan could really use the solaxe of seeing the shimmery form of his master during the dark times of Rebels.

                                      Mace Windu

Poor Mace. Though things would be a bit frosty if he ever met Anakin Skywalker in the Force, he still deserves some hangtime with Yoda and Ben.

                                 Luminara Unduli


This is another of my favorite Jedi, and the master to Bariss Offee. Luminara's grace and strong force powers would make her a definite force ghost potental. She might even be able to help the fallen Bariss.

So many fallen Jedi! The force is strong with them and they could be a wondergul guidance from beyond.

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