Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Star Wars Memories :1 The First Time

                                        Star Wars Memories

In Seventeen days my life will changeonce again when I sit in the theater to watch this:

Star Wars changed my life. It was and still is one of the great passions of my life. As we come closer to the release of Episode 7 I will share a memory of how Star Wars has affected my life. 
                                                  The First Time

I can't remember how I first heard about Star Wars. Maybe a Television spot or an ad in the paper. Around the corner from me was a one screen theater and once it was playing there I I went immediately. What made this theater so special to me was that I could walk to it from my house without crossing the street. The one rule I had from my summer rambles was that I wasn't allowed to cross the street by myself :)
On the first Saturday afternoon of it's opening my two friends and I walked to the theater. We grabbed seats front and center along with a big bag of popcorn and sweets.
From the moment the screen darkened and that iconic scroll began, the popcorn became largely ignored.  I was enraptured. Once the lights came up again I wanted nothing more than to see the movie again. My friends however weren't as deeply affected as I was. Sure they enjoyed the film but it didn't touch them like it had me.
That next Sunday and every free day I had before school started I waked to the theater and sat through as many showings as possible. 
Star Wars opened the door to my Science Fiction fandom. There is something so welcoming about the story and characters. Though meeting  them for the first time each character has mythic elements that endear them to the viewer right away. For a child raised on Disney films and the stories of King Arthur it was easy to fall into a passion for Star Wars.
To this day I have the same thrill when I sit and watch Episode IV. Tomorrow I will talk about  bringing the galaxy home.
What about you guys? What are your Star Wars memories about the first time you saw it?

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Jillian said...

So nice reading your memory. I never grew up with Star Wars, but it's always been there, and now I have a boyfriend who did indeed grow up with the films. We are watching it the day before Christmas, and I think it's going to be so great to just go back to that world again!