Saturday, December 5, 2015

Star Wars Memories: 5 Trading Cards


My very first Star Wars trading card was one like the X-Wing below. They came from Wonder Bread. I ate som much bread that summer! I still have a few of these in my card collection and they make me smile. The edges are worn but they are priceless to me because they take me back to the joys of swapping cards with friends.

From Wonder Bread I moved on to the wax packs. 1978 prices meant my allowance money went pretty far with pack purchases. I can still recall peeling open those small packs. The aroma of that weird pink gum in the air. Of course the hard gum had to be consumed, it was a part of the ritual.

Now two Products are reawakening my passion for cards :

The Journey To The Force Awakens card packs have images from all the Star Wars movies, including some from the upcoming movie. I'm loving these cards so much! They have a similiar blue border to the cards from the 70's. There are several different ways to collect these cards and many different parallels that can keep you hunting.

 I've also been enjoying the digitial card trading app from Star Wars. If you are a member of this app look me up at Yogikai for trades.

Having Star Wars cards while growing up not only helped me relive one of my favorite movies but they also inspired me to take  a closer look at other forms of Science Fiction around me. I started including my cards in my book reports. Topps has created a powerful tool to inspire nostalgia and create a digital means to celebrate the movies to come

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