Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Star Wars Memories 8: Splinter Of The Minds Eye

Splinter was the very first Expanded Universe novel in the Star Wars Universe, After devouring the Star Wars novelization this book filled my longing for more stories.

In this novel Luke and Leia crash land on a mysterious planet that has a very powerful crystal that is tied to the force. This novel really highlighted the skills of Leia and added some interesting metaphysical elements to the Star Wars myths.

The relationship between Luke & Leia is interesting and the climactic showdown is entertaining. The success of this novel opened the door for the formation of the Expanded Novels that are now considered legends.

I loved this novel when I first read it though I find parts of it a bit clunky now.  This book opened the whole science fiction aisle to me in my local bookstore where I found many great books to satisfy me until the next Star Wars novel was released.

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