Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Organized Geek Week 1 : Sort & Document

When Toys R Us Announced it's Force Friday event, I knew I needed to take a hard look at my collectibles.  I also had been in a clutter free state of mind so I applied that to my Geeky collectibles. I thought I would share my journey so others can not only form a collectible plan but more importantly enjoy their collections.

      WEEK ONE: Sort & Document

Sorting was a lot of fun for me. I brought some appropriately geeky notebooks, Highlighters, magnetic bookmarks and pens, to document with.
I broke my collection up into several categories :

                 Action Figures
                 Digital Comics
                 Trading Cards
                 Funko Pops
                 Graphic Novels
While sorting my collection I also started considering which pieces I wanted to keep and what I would be willing to sell or donate.

I then made a back up copy of my entire list into a Goggle Document. I chose google because there is also a I phone Google Document app. This app is helpful because I can upload recent purchases into the app.

Next week we will discuss how to decide what to keep and what to let go of.

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