Monday, January 25, 2016

Marvel Monday : Vader Down by Jason Aaron, Mike Deddato & Others

So I will confess that I haven't been 100% thrilled with the Marvel Star Wars Line. After a few issues the flagship title Star Wars dropped from my pull list and I was considering dropping Vader until I picked up issue one of Vader Down.

Guys! This series showcases why Star Wars comics can work. The story begins with Vader continuing his quest to find Luke Skywalker. Vader tracks him to Vrogas Vas unaware that there is a squadron of rebels there. So what can Vader in his lone tie fighter do against a squad of Rebels? Kick some serious ASS!

The story and art are perfect in this issue as well as the other tie in books. The action is intense and Vader's use of the force leads to some fantastic splash pages that will fill Star Wars fans with utter joy! The remainder parts of the story play out between issues 13 and 24 of Star Wars and Darth Vader. The entire series is out now.

This was such a fun ride! I hope Marvel does more crossovers like this in the future.

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