Thursday, May 12, 2016

Childrens Book Round Up: April

I Read some wonderful Children's books last month :

The First Step

This is the story of the Robert's family who filed a lawsuit against the school district once she was removed from her school that was deemed white only. It was a fascinating read About a case I never heard about.

                                    Willy's Stories

       I really loved the art in this book. in this book we meet Willy who loves to read. He gives us clues about the books he reads through costume changes and dilogue from other books. A really nice read.

        Wait is a beautiful little picture book about a little boy that is living in the moment by constantly stopping his mother to look
at flowers, puppies and butterflies.

Marvelous Cornelius 

This is a sweet little fable about a true resident of New Orleans  who did his work as a santitaion worker with joy in his heart. This book also refrences Hurricaine Katrina and how the residents pulled together to  rebuild the city.

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