Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Have A FINNtastic May The 4th !

 Star Wars Fans are pretty fantastic. Who else 
 could change the pun May The 4th Be With You
into a virtual geek holiday?

Search the hashtag #MayThe4thBeWithYou and 
you will finds contests, sales form a variety of 
vendors like Her Universe, and pictures of fans 
celebrating A galaxy Far, Far, Away.

This year I will be sporting my favorite Her 
Universe and celebrating one of the newest 
stars in the Star Wars galaxy: Finn!

Here are 5 Ways to have a FINNtastic May The 4th

Watch The Force Awakens

This is a no brainer right? I've  seen the movie  9 times now and I'm still blown away by how amazing John is. Finn is such an important step forward in Diversifying Star Wars and we are very lucky that John is the face of that.

                                                  Shop Finn

I confess my stress over not being able to find Rey figures initially kept me from fully enjoying the abundance of Finn merchandise. It's amazing that a person of color is so well represented.


                           Follow John Boyega On Instagram

 I love John's Instagram! he leaves positive messages, shares what he can of Episode VIII photos and engages in utter cuteness with his "peanut" Daisy Ridley.

            Fall Down The Rabbit Hole of FinnShipping

If it hasn't already been claimed, I'm totally down for Finrey! There has been an abundant of shipping with Finn & Poe as well as these gorgeous pictures show:

Hold Finn In The Palm Of Your Hands

I'm obssessed wiht the Star Wars Card trader app and there are some great Finn Cards in it. You can trade with me at @yogikai

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