Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Return To Hogwarts: The Remembrall Readathon Update 2

I was so excited to see this readathon hosted by The Harry Potter Alliance I haven't revisited the books since my first reading years ago. There is still time to join us!

Book 2 Complete! 

This book suprised me. I forgot that this was the book we met Dobby in, I thought it was the third one. I also loved  Ginny's role in this book. This was also the book that made me realise that I wanted Harry & Ginny to be together. And Fawkes! love him so!

Book One Complete!!

Also While reading the ook I decided to visit the Pottormore site. I took the official  sorting test and realised that I'm NOT a Gryffindor , I was sorted as :

This is actually a very accurate representation of my personality. Though I mourn a tiny bit for not being a part of Harry's house, but I'll survive :) #TeamHufflepuff 

Happy Reading!!

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