Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Marvel Spotlight : Web-Warrors Issue 1 by Costa & Baldeon

If I was going to reccommend a comic event that has thrills and a nice conclusion, it would be Spiderverse! This was an amazing crossover that focused on the various versions of Spider-Man being hunted across various deminsions. 

The coolest part of this series was the variety of Spiders. There isPeter Porker Spider -Ham (Really!!) , Spider Gwen (The breakout star of the series), Spider Punk,  Spider Noir, and so many more!!!

I hated for the series to end and now the Spiders from different deminsions are banded together in the new series Web Warriors

I love this series!  It's a wonderful way to get  some deeper character developement of the individual Spiders along with some great battles. In this issue we see the various spiders chaffing a little at the constant training Brian Braddock is enforcing. The team seems to be handling the various emergencies with ease ut still Brian demands more of them.

I really loved the moment s with Gwen and Pavitr in this first issue. The two have a nice friendship that allows them to confess some of the deeper issues they are facing.  It's also wonderful how the female characters are represented in this book besides Gwen there is Mayday Parker an adult daughter of Peter and Marjane, Spider-girl  aka Anya Corazon. This first issue has them facing agroup of demension hopping Electros who are snapping up all the silver bars they can find.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how this book develops.

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