Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Usagi Yojimbo : Grey Shadows

Like Novels there are so many comic book series and so little time! Usagi is a series I have been meaning to get too for some time. Usagi is populated with animals that walk and talk like humans. The story is also set during the early Edo period in 17th century Japan.

You can find several volumes of Usagi at your local library and online at Dark Horse Comics. The wonderful thing about Usagi is that you can pick up any volume and ollow along with the story easily. 

This volume has six short stories some of them interconected. In the story My Father's Sword  Usagi comes across the son of a honorable man he faught with years ago.

The Demon Flute combines Japanese mysticism with a creepy tale about a flute whose song frightens people to death.

I also loved Usagi's cases with Inspector Ishida a local constable. 

This is a wonderful read, tje art is spectacular and the writing is very stellar. The art is black & white but has wonderful nuances and a very manga like feel to it. I'm really looking forward to reading more volumes.

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