Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Reading Challenges Update 1

I found some really great challenges to help me meet my reading goals this summer. 

First Up the Los Angeles Public Library has this challenge which runs from June 13th - August 6- COMPLETED

This challenge has a sheet with certain goals like : Check out a magazine digitally, download a song, or read specific genres of books. Once you complete the challenges you can turn in the sheet for a free totebag . I'm so excited for this that I started searching for other libraries.

 I found some really great forms that Im going to download and add to my summer reading goals:

B- Book by a female author:

Poems: Elizabeth Bishop

I- Book by a Male Author:
President Squid by Aaron Reynolds

N- Free Space

G- Graphic Novel

Cleopatra In Space Volume 3

O- Book That Was Made into a movie
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

And lastly I'm joining the Coyer crew again:

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