Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Valiant Summer: Faith Volume 1 by Houser & Potela

I've been with Faith since her debut in the Valiant series Harbinger. When I first saw Faith in the Valiant comic Harbinger I had some concerns.

You see Faith is a  plus size fangirl , and I was just waiting for  her character to be misrepresented or worse made into a joke. It never happened! Faith has consistently been written and drawn with the up most respect. 

The artists who portray her have not tried to sexualize her or more importantly hide her size. When The Harbinger series ended I missed Faith the most and was happy to see her get a one shot. Now Jody Houser, Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage give us this fantastic four issue series.

In this series we see Faith recovering from the events in the Harbinger finale in sunny Los Angeles. She is living on her own and working for a company called Zipline that focuses on creating online content. While her company is putting her in the awkward position of  reviewing her Ex boyfriends reality show, Faith is also investigating the disappearance of some super powered teens.  

I really enjoyed the progression of this story, Houser does a really good job catching up new readers  to Faith along with capturing her humor and fangirl flair. There are some nice cameos from other Valiant characters like Archer from Archer & Armstrong. 

This was a very satisfying series that made me want more. And more is coming ! Faith issue one, a new ongoing series releases July 20th:

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