Friday, July 15, 2016

Dollar Bin Treasures: Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Legion of Superheroes

This Free Comic Book Day I got these great trades for 6 dollars each! Thetas over 1,500 pages of comics.

The supergirl issue was very interesting. I was surprised how progressive the stories were considering how long ago they were from. My favorite element from the supergirl trade was the fact that she had a robot version of herself to stand in for situations that could reveal her identity.

Manhunter has a slight connection to Supergirl because of the characters appearance on the Supergirl television show. That's why I picked up this volume. It was fun to see how quickly John took on the roll of detective. He literally takes a human form, borrows a trenchcoat and hat and then walks into the police station and gets hired!

The stories in this volume have a bit of a noir feel to them . Johns stories have a bit more of danger to them because he is vulnerable to fire.

In the 8o's I was obsessed with the Legion of Superheroes and so I jumped at the chance to read their origin stories. This volume also has stories with Supergirl and Superman since they both crossed over in each others titles a lot in the beginning. 

There are some great concepts in the Legion books. They were inspired by Superman/Superboy, they believed that every planet should have representation and had a strict code of ethics.

I liked seeing that even the rejected heroes were so inspired by the  Legion that they form their own "B" team.

I had so much fun with these stories. They are reprinted in Black and White for the Showcase volumes to keep costs down but they still are a fun read.

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