Friday, July 29, 2016

Manga Summer: SankaRea : Zombies & Fan Service

This is a Zombie story with romantic overtones and a lot of manga tropes like scantily clad women. I was drawn to it because I love all things zombie related. This story focuses on Chihiro a young boy obssessed with zombies. So much so when he finds a book with a formula to ressurect the dead he decides to try it on his deceased pet. 

When Sanka Rea, One of the most popular girls in the region stumbles across Chihiro's lab the two form an unlikely friendship as they work on the formula to bring back the dead. 

When Sanka falls and dies during an argument with her father, Chihiro is shocked to see Sanka raise from the dead. apparently she had stolen some of the formula and drank it.

Now Chihiro has what he has dreamed of a zombie girlfriend! 

 Now the two of them must try to figure out how to keep Sanka from decomposing.

This is a fascinating manga and I love how the story has developed. There is a lot of semi nudity and placing of female offers in questional  positions but nothing to questionable.

a fun read for horror & zombie fans.

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