Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review: Galactic Hot Dogs : Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway

This is a fun middle grade series with intergalactic adventure and comedy. Cosmoe is a young human who is somehow living in the thick of  a busyintergalactic community. 

With his best friend Humphree Cosmoe runs a hot dog food truck. While on the way to a cook off the guys run into Princess Dagger the daughter of an Evil Queen who wants to escape from her destiny.

As the group are on the run they come across space zombies and a strange disc that is part of a relic that may contain space treasure.

This book was a lot of fun . Its told in a combination of prose and comic strips. The characters a funny and the adventures keep readers turning the pages.

This book qualifies for The First Book In A Series in the #ReadThemAll Challenge

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Nikki Amy said...

This looks super fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Nice job getting ahead in the #ReadThemAllThon! ;-)