Thursday, September 22, 2016

RIP XI Review: Mirror Image by Scott & Rose

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My taste for horror has changed over the years. Once discovered, Idevoured horror in it's many forms. As I got older I found that I lost my taste for gore, ghosts and almost all Japanese horror films (The Grudge SERIOUSLY freaked me out!).

So what was I left with? A love of monster movies, zombies, and Horror thrillers.  Mirror Image was like the best comfort food. Mac and Cheese to my horror loving soul.

Mirror Image manages to avoid horror tropes, but taps into the classic elements of the genre, that keep horror fans coming back for more. The story opens with antique store owner Jonathan Frazer, who has found an incredible deal at a London Antiques auction. A gigantic mirror with an ornate frame.

Jonathan is excited to find the mirror is appraised for thousands more thenhe paid for it and puts his restorer to work.

Hours later he finds his restorer dead and it isnt long before the death toll keeps on rising. These authors keep raising the thrill level with each chapter. Little by little the clues to the mirror's origin and intentions become known.

Our protagonist Jonathan goes from a state of confusion to obsession as the mirror begins to influence him. I'ts a very twisted and transformative journey that leads the reader  through many shocking twists and turns. The reach of the mirror extends it's infunce to Jonathan's deceitful wife and partying daughter. The growing body count also draws the attention of police and investigatorr Margaret Haaren.

There is a vein of anxiety that begins to build in the narrative as the mirror's blood soaked past is revealed  and nothing but a bleak future seems imminent.

This is just the type of creepy read that I love diving into. The revelations and resolutions at the end of story are very satisfying, with a twist that keeps you guessing.

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