Thursday, October 13, 2016

HallowReads Serial Spotlight: The Haunting of Frost

What goes better with Halloween than a spooky serial?! The Haunting of Frost is a four part serial being released  this month. Here are the covers of the first two parts of the story :

                    And here is a sample of the story  :

"Oh, everything stopped at midnight," Rusty explained. "Spirits can only maintain their presence during Halloween. The trick, for the rest of us, is surviving until then...”

Fifteen-year-old Liz doesn't mind living in a town full of ghost stories and legends, no matter how superstitious she is. It's when those ghost stories start coming to life that things get frightening.

The moment the sun rises on October 31st, people all over town report hauntings and ghost sightings. Some people think it's a wide-scale prank; others think it's the reprisal of an ancient curse. Either way, Liz is sufficiently spooked to sit safely at home this Halloween night, while her foster family goes out to celebrate.

By sundown, the pranks seem to have stopped... but then Liz discovers the curse isn't over. And, supernatural or not, it's certainly no prank. It's a deadly threat, and it's targeting her foster family. If she doesn't warn them soon enough, they could all be gone by the time Halloween is over...

Happy Reading!!!

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