Sunday, October 30, 2016

Read Sherlock : Final Update !

It's the last day of Read Sherlock! I started strong with this event but got caught up with other things. I'm only a few pages into Valley of Fear but I will finish it at some point.  This weekend I went to Los Angeles Comic Con and met one of the creators of the Watson and Holmes comic I wrote about earlier this month. I had an amazing chat with him and got a signed copy of the second book in the series:

So I will be closing out my Read Sherlock month by reading this today. Thanks to Tif for hosting! I would love to do this again. 

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Anonymous said...

I have only read A Study in Scarlet, but would like to read more. It just seems that I don't find the time to fit even a small fraction of the books that I want to read into my schedule. I would love to participate in this. I will have to keep watch for when and if you do it again.