Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday's Pod 2: Skywalking Through Neverland

Podcasts have been a life changer for me. Literally! Especially in my fandom life. In Thursday's Pod I will spotlight some of my favorite podcasts and also make sure I send them emails, tweets and post Itunes Reviews.

I discovered Richard and Sarah's Podcast over a year ago. At a time when I was discovering a lot of Star Wars podcasts, I was delighted to find that Skywalking also focused on one of my other loves : Disney!

One of the first thing you notice about Skywalking is the tremendous energy and passion the duo have for Star Wars and Disney.  Like myself Richard is a vintage Star Wars fan so he has a rich fan history to draw upon during the shows various topics. Sarah has a musical background which aids in the discussion of musical elements in both Disney and Star Wars content, and stellar graphic arts skills she lends to various T-shirt and hoodie designs in their online store.

 My mood is always lifted when I listen to the show. It's Impossible to listen to an episode without laughing, and yet the two also cover serious topics like there recent show dedicated to Kenny Baker.

Richard and Sarah also make building a community with their listeners ( Skywalkers) a large part of their show. 

They host several opportunities for listener meet ups,  encourage listeners to send them their fandom stories, and even have them on air for convention reports , and book reviews. They celebrate the community by picking a Skywalker of the week. The recipient  gets a special jingle written for them by Rob Dehlinger and the can celebrate by ordering the Skywalker of the week T-shirt!

Skywalking and Fangirls Going Rogue( on which Sarah is a co-host) have contribuited so much to my Star Wars fandom. I've met some amazing fellow fans since joining the Skywaker community, and had some fantastic opportunitues since I've met them. Give them a listen!

Click Here  to listen  to the latest episode.

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