Wednesday, November 16, 2016

SCI FI Month- Collecting The Galaxy :Star Wars Trading Cards

Star Wars cards are hot again! Though there has always been  die hard fan base of Star Wars trading card the recent Topps Digital app has brought a large number of fans back into card collecting:

The app is free to use but unfortunately it;s popularity makes it difficult to get a lot of cards with the daily account allowance then when the app premiered. My fan name in the app is Yogikai, so hit me up for a trade  to get you started!

These wonderful books have also been released. I still have some of the original star wars cards from my childhood days but not all of them. These books reprint the front and back of every star wars card from all three movies of the original trilogy, including the various pack covers and stickers! I've had so much fun traveling down memory lane with these books.

The Star Wars Galaxy book reprints the cards from a set that celebrated artistic inspirations by a variety of artists.

There is also this great physical card set that's in stores now!

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