Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SCI FI Month : Collecting The Galaxy : Science Fiction Funko Pops

I adore Funko ! And one of my favorite of their lines is the one based on Science Fiction movies. Here are some of the newest ones that will find their way into my collection and hopefully yours! 

                      Amazon Exclusives: With Trading Cards

New Star Wars: Rogue One Pops

Key Chains and Mini- Figures


Greg said...

I don't have any Funko's but I've recently discovered them (I know, where have I been?) and now I want a bunch of 'em! Jyn Erso is one I def want especially with Rogue One coming up. And I haven't seen the Stormtrooper yet! Those Mystery minis look good too- i want the Godzilla one!

Katie Edwards said...

I don't want a big Funko collection (for one thing, where would I put them all?) but I hand-pick a few characters that are special to me. Spock was my first, and this week I was lucky enough to find an elusive Holtzmann from the new Ghostbusters film. But there are so many awesome figures out there.

Anonymous said...

These are all so cute. I would love to own Neo and Alien queen. I already have plenty of funko pops but who can resist buying these?

Gennifer Eccles said...

I love Funkos! I actually don't own any though just because I'm so indecisive. Like Greg, I really want the Godzilla funko. :D I think I might buy the Neo funko for my mom this Christmas. She absolutely adores the Matrix trilogy. I might just have to re-watch the movies this month. I'm old enough to actually grasp what is happening now. I had no idea there were this many science fiction funkos! I love how diverse their topics are!