Saturday, November 12, 2016

SCI FI Month- Destroy Genre Tropes in Science Fiction With Lightspeed Magazi

I discovered Lightspeed Magazine when i joined the kickstarter for Women Destroy Science Fiction. This special issue was designed to show the wide range of talent of women writing in the Science Fiction field, despite some naysayers saying women "destroy" the genre. The kickstarter was so successful, Lightspeed was able to add two other special issues to the project: Women Destroy Horror and Women Destroy Fantasy.

I've barely dipped into these stories or the extra three issues I got with credits with my reward.

The success of this series also lead to Queers Destroy Horror, Queers Destroy Science Fiction, Queers Destroy Science Fiction, People Of Color Destroy Science Fiction, People of Color Destroy Horror, People of Color Destroy Fantasy:

These individual issues are available to download onto Kindle devices or as Epub or Mobi Files. Visit Here  o learn more.


Lampshade Reader said...

That is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing these; the covers are awesome.~Aleen

Greg said...

I've heard of Lightspeed magazine but have not read it yet. Thanks for spotlighting it, sounds great.

Avada Kedavra said...

I have heard about Lightspeed magazine, but these issues look great. Must read the magazine.