Thursday, November 10, 2016

SCI FI Month Review- Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston

Want to know the power of Ahsoka? Within days of it's release the book was completely sold out in physical form on Amazon and it has just begun it's climb to the top of the Bestsellers List.

Fans love Ahsoka and this book is a love letter to place she holds in many's hearts. With that being said however this book is for those that are very familiar with Ahsoka's journey.

Ahsoka premiered in the animated series The Clone Wars. She was initially met with a cool reception by fans but as viewers watched her grow they took her to their hearts, and felt true loss when the show ended with Ahsoka walking away from the Jedi.

Nowin this novel we learn about where Ahsoka went. After Revenge of The Sith and the Order 66 which destroyed most of the Jedi Ahsoka went into hiding.

She let go of her lightsabers, her training and even her connection with the force.

But helping others is not something that she can easily let go of. Ahsoka leaves one group of companions to another. But when the Empire shows up on he rnew planet, Ahsoka takes the greatest risk of all, she decides to get involved.

As a fan of Ahsoka this novel was a nice look at her journey. However I did find that some basic questions I had weren't answered. This is probably due to the final fate of the character still being unresolved. 

So overall while I enjoyed this story I hope to get more information about Ahsoka's journey in a novel or animated story.

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