Monday, November 14, 2016

SCI FI Month- Road To Rogue FAQ

Rogue One opens next month!!! And the Confusion is strong in the Force! So I will be doing a series of posts leading up to the release ,sharing information about the film and it's characters!
 People who interact with me on a daily basis know I love Star Wars. Many of my clients and co-workers revisited the galaxy far far away last December with The Force Awakens and loved it.
Many of them however have been confused by Rogue One. Mostly because their isn't a lot of information out there due to the intent by Disney to keep spoilers at a minimum. 
So today I'm going to answer most of the questions I get asked about the film.
                               What's Rogue One Mean?

Long time Star Wars fans know the term Rogue has been applied to a squadron of X-wing figures. In the mot recent Rogue One Trailer however we learn that Rogue One  is the call signal given to the group's mission.
                                        Is This Episode 8 ?

No. This is a stand alone movie with an entirely new cast like this awesome lady:

The events in this movie take place before the opening scenes of Star Wars Episode IV. Remember those plans Princess Leia put inside of R2 D2 in the beginning of Star Wars?  This is the story of how those plans got into her hands.
                 Is Rey In This Film? Is Jyn Rey's Mother?

No to the one, probably not to the second. Rey was born several years after the end of Return of The Jedi. Maybe the math works for Jyn to be Rey's mom but I don't think they would try to link every little thing.
                       Who Are All These New Characters?

We will find out together!! There are little tidbits being released about the characters. Saw Gerrera is a live action interpertation of a charcter that appeared in The Clone Wars:

There will be a little bit of Jyn's backstory told in a novel releasing soon. We will be talking about that in the next post.

  Anything else you want to know? Leave a comment and lets discuss!                                  

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