Monday, November 28, 2016

SCI FI Month- Road To Rogue One: Book Pre-Orders

If you enjoyed the novel Catalyst, now it's time to look forward to other tie in novels coming out. The release dates are pretty tight on these books  to prevent spoilers, but if you place your pre-orders now the books should get to you on release day.

The three books below all release December 16th :

This Book releases 12/20

The Novelization of this film is releasing much later then the books above : 1/3/17

I'm looking forward to reading these!!


Deanna Reads said...

I haven't read Catalyst yet but I'm so excited for all these new star wars novels!

Greg said...

I'm debating whether to read the novelization of the movie- I guess it will depend on how I feel about the movie after seeing it. I am pretty excited for Rogue One though.