Monday, December 19, 2016

Character Reads

Whenever I'm reading a book or watching a film or TV show, I'm always fascinated by what the characters are reading. So in these posts I will be spotlighting  the book or books that captured my attention and eventually made it onto my Reading Wish List

Hello Hello!! today  I'm focusing on the crew from Big Bang Therapy!

 I really enjoy this show. I especially love the scenes wheb they go to the comicbook shop. As the photo above shows Sheldon is a huge Green Lantern fan. I alos love the Green Lantern but I've taken a break from the book because I haven't enjoyed the creative direction of the book.

Recently however DC comics did a massive reboot of their comics and so I'm adding this one to my comic wishlist so I can see if I like the new direction of the series.

                                      Happy Reading!

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