Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Year End Mindfulness With Flow magazine

I stopped doing Resolutions a long time ago. I prefer to work with Intentions. An intention acknowledges that we are a work in progress. If you set a resolution to lose 50 pounds  and fail then you will beat yourself up and probably turn to more food in response.

Intentions acknowledge that there may be and underlining reason for your eating and your acknowledgement to look for it by delving deeply into your habits and emotions.

To find peace requires mindfulness which is why I love this work book from flow so much! It is a little pricey  at $ 24.95 but so worth it . This journal has everything  you need to practice a more conscious life. It has articles , workbooks, stickers and a journal to help you reach your goals. The people at Flow are experts at producing products to help you reach your personal growth goals. 

I'm looking forward to using this workbook.

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