Monday, January 16, 2017

Character Reads: Without Consent by Jim Clemente

Whenever I'm reading a book or watching a film or TV show, I'm always fascinated by what the characters are reading. So in these posts I will be spotlighting  the book or books that captured my attention and eventually made it onto my Reading Wish List

Today I'm going to talk about a book I saw in the show Scream season 2:

I'm loving this show. I binge watched season 1 a while ago and I was so excited to see season 2 on netflix a few days ago. I also fell utterly in love with this new character to the show Zoe:

Isnt she adorable??? Zoe is beautiful, smart, and the perfect touch of diversity this show needed. She also has a passion for murder stories. So when I saw her holding this book in her hands I knew I had to check it out:

This is a fictional story about an investigation into abuse against minor children.  The reviews are somewhat mixed on goodreads but I still added it to my wishlist.

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