Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Star Wars Memories: Trading Cards

Star Was was not only the first movie I saw more than once it was also my first foray into reliving the experiences at home with collectibles. My first foray into collecting was cards and I still have these:

It all began with a loaf of bread. Wonder created a  set of cards that you could only get in specially marked loafs.  My Mom was more than happy to buy me the bread, but It had to be completely gone before I could get a new loaf. I ate so many sandwiches that summer!

 From then on I was hooked! I brought many of the card sets that came out, and though not all of them remain in my collection I remember them fondly:

Recently Abrams books released three Hardcover books collecting the images of the various card sets.  A beautiful book that also comes with some exclusive cards made just for the volume:

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