Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Star Wars Memories :The Crimson Forever

Star Wars comics circa 1977 were the life blood for Star Wars fans. After the movie adaptation the series launched into new adventures. Some of these comics were a little rocky but by issue 50 the series had a solid creative team in Archie Goodwin doing the writing and Williamsom,Palmer & Simonson on art.

It's a gorgeous issue and I highly suggest you buy it our read it on Marvel unlimited.  This story is set between Empire and Return of The Jedi. Lando and Chewie are continuing their search for Han Solo when Leia shows up asking for their help. 

They return to the the planet Golrath where Luke is  being treated by a medical droid. The only outward  expression of Luke's illness is his crimson eyes.

The Crimson Death has started infecting the Rebels and they are desperate for a cure.

Lando translates a story that Chewie tells about Han Solo encountered the cause of the infection and after that wrap around story the  rebels go off to solve the sickness.

I remember how important this comic was to me when it first came out because Han Solo's fate still hadn't been determined in the films so it was nice to see a story with him in the comic. I've recently reread it and the story still is a great read! Check it out!

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