Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review: Binti by Nndei Okfafor

There are literally worlds in this beautiful novella. Binti is a native of Himba. Sheis a woman o color whose customs are considered savage by some i the galaxy. 
Yet the Himba natives are known for their abilities  to harmonize. This skil is strongest in Bint, yet she wants more from life.
She has applied to and been accepted into Oomza University.  She is the first of her people to have this honor and she takes it despite the rift it might create in her family.
She fees safe on a ship hurling towards her future, enjoying the presence of her fellow students until disaster strikes.
Now Binti's skills at creating harmony may not only save her life but the entire University.
The cover of this novella called to my heart and the words caused me to tear up. Representation of POC in Science Fiction is scarce, so I devoured this story with joy and excitement. 
A fantastic read.

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