Tuesday, October 10, 2017

5 Books To Ease The Wait For The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi trailer has been released!! I'm on my 10th viewing and each time I find more things to be excited about. Speculation is high now amongst fans about the new images and we have many days to go before all is revealed. So here are some books to tide you over until December 15th! A few of them even have info on some of the characters and situations in The Last Jedi :

Want a refresher on what happened during The Force Awakens with a fun Shakespeareans twist? This is the book for you.


This Captain Phasma comic takes place immediately after Phasma finds a way to escape the trash compactor, with a mission to protect her recent actions.

Leia Princess of Alderaan  focuses on young Leia's early years in the senate and the Rebellion. This book also gives us a look at the life of Amilyn Holdo, the character being played by Laura Dern in The Last Jedi..

These last two books are aimed towards padawans but they are great for all ages. The coloring book by Katie Cook spotlights all our favorite characters and the porgs!

Star Wars Adventures is a fun comic with stories set in various eras of Star Wars,

 Hope you check some of these amazing reads out!

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