Wednesday, October 11, 2017

HallowWatch: Creepy Clone Wars

October is all about thrills and chills for me. From Universal Monsters to zombie thrillers I love watching some of my favorite films and TV shows. What I enjoy the most is finding creepy things in unexpected places. The Clone Wars TV show is one of my all time favorite shows. There are a variety of genres that play out in the series as a whole but these four episodes really fit my viewing themes for the month:

                                        Legacy Of Terror
                                       Season 2 Episode 7

"What were those THINGS? We Couldn't KILL them"
Anakin Skywalker

This episode has all the classic hallmarks of a Horror classic. The Jedi are on the hunt for Poggle The Lesser and Jedi Master Luminara takes off in a dangerous storm to track him down. When Anakin and Ben go of to find her they enter a creepy labyrinth of caverns that contain zombie bugs and their mistress Queen Karina the Great.

                                    Brain Invaders
                               Season 2 Episode 8
"It it's one thing we clones know is how to stop a Jedi"
Clone Trooper

The creepy factor is so high in this episode! Bugs creep me out! and seeing clone troopers and even the padawan Bariss fall prey to the infestation still is chilling to me after several viewings. I also liked seeing the teamwork between Bariss and Ahsoka in the beginning of the episode. It's especially bittersweet considering where their relationship ends up in the final season.

                                     The Zillo Beast
                       The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
                            Season 2 Episode 18 &19
"It's what WE'RE capable off that Frightens me" Padme Admidala

The classic tragic monster trope is played out in this two part epic. The Zillo beast is awoken from his slumber deep in the earth on the planet Malastare during a battle with the seperatists. The massive bomb they deploy wakes the beast fro its slumber and once it's restrained Chancellor Palpatine demands it be brought to Coruscant. The beast escapes and moves through the glittering city causing havoc.

Hope you give these great episode a watch.

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