Sunday, November 12, 2017

Lego Journeys: Hera & The Ghost

I didn't play with Lego as a child. It just wasnt a toy that was on my radar. The first set I ever brought was a mini Harry Potter Lego set.  Just Recently I stepped into the world of Star Wars Lego and I'm hooked!!

Here is my recent build:

Hera & The Ghost Item #75127

Currently this set is showing out of stock on the Lego site, which shows how popular Hera and the Rebels show is. This was a quick, fun build. I'm not very good with technical things so this was a great warm up set for me. Having a portable piece of Star Wars with me was the chief enticement for me to get this set. I love it! Visit Here to learn more about other amazing Lego sets.

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