Friday, November 3, 2017

SCI FI Month Review: Satellite by Nick Lake

I got and ARC of this book at San Diego Comic-Con. I was drawn to the space aspect of the story, but this book also has tremendous HEART.

The book is told through the perspective of 15 year old Leo. The prose in the book really reflects Leo's personality and speaking style, not for those obsessed with good grammar!
Leo has lived his whole life on the Space Station Moon 2. His mother came to the station not knowing she was pregnant.  So Leo has spent his whole life on the station.
He also has two friends his own age on the station, Orion and Libra twins who were born around the same time as him.

The three teens have spent years being studied and educated and now on the cusp of  their 16th birthday they are going home to Earth.

I fell deeply into Leo's view of the world. He has a beautiful innocence about him and he also takes his world at face value. So as the truths of his world get revealed our hearts break with him, even as we marvel at his strength.

  •  A beautiful book and an amazing example of a young man discovering his sexuality.


imyril said...

Oooh this one's completely new to me!

Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks said...

That's such a cute cover :) and it sounds nice!