Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sci Fi Month Spotlight: Pluto by Nagasaki & Tezka

If you enter the world of manga it won't be long before the name Urasawa comes to your attention and if you dip your toes into anime you can't help but discover astro boy or as he is known in Japan Atom. 

This manga is set in a futuristic society where sentient lifeforms are a normal type of society. In fact there a re several well known robots who have dedicated their life to serving man. At the start of this issue one of these robots has been found completely torn apart with two pieces of debris placed around his head like horns.

Gesicht is put on the case. He is a robot as well and he soon learns that there is a deeper deadlier mystery surroundings the case. A mystery that may lead to his own destruction.

There is such depth and beauty in this series as well as fascinating technological elements. I'm really looking forward to rereading it this month and reviewing the  other volumes in the series.

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