Monday, November 13, 2017

Self Care Week: Schedule of Events

We are on the cusp of the Holiday season. Every year as a Massage Therapist I notice my clients tension increases and their muscles tighten even more during the holidays.
I made the ultimate self care action years ago when I decided to not go home during the Holidays. As a self employed individual when I take off work I don't get paid. So on top of stressing about lost income, I also needed to come up with extra funds to cover my bills, not to mention plane tickets, gifts and spending money.
It wasn't easy to break it to my family or deal with the inevitable guilt. I was blessed to have my Father understand and not question me. The family members that were "upset" also happened to be the ones who never offered to visit me for any holidays or offset some of the financial strain of my visit. 
It's now been over 8 years since my decision and I continue to be happy I made it. I know not everyone is able to to make these decisions so I will be sharing some tools to help you through the holiday season. Here are some of the topics Ill be covering this week:
Book Reviews

5 Minute Fixes

Apps For Self Care

Aromatherapy recipes 

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