Tuesday, December 5, 2017

12 Days Day 5: Hygge Your Holiday

I recently read this book about the Danish way of slowing down and enjoying life:

I learned so much from the book about making life comfy or "Hygge". So I will be adding some of this knowlege to my holiday celebrations.


Candles are essential to Hygge. One of my favorite store for candles is Yankee Candle.  Alpine Martini and Mistletoe are two of my favorites.


Tea is one of the easiest and flavorable ways to get warmth into your system. David's Tea is one of my favorite companies. Especially Santa's Secret which has actual candy canes blended with Black tea.


Slow down the season with a daily treat from a variety of Advent calendars:

Check out the Hygge book for other ideas to make your season enjoyable.

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