Saturday, December 30, 2017

Review: Star Wars:Tales Of The Force & Starships, Speeders , Space Stations

I've really enjoyed the Star Wars movie adaptions Golden Books has done. They are now branching out into oversized theme books. Tales Of The Force  is an exploration from of the jedi throughout  the prequels, orginial trilogy all the way to The Last Jedi. The artists do a lovely job representing all the characters. I loved seeing all my favorite Jedi in one book. Though it's meant for younger readers I found a lot to enjoy in it.

Starships, Speeders & Space Stations is a celebration of all the vehicles through out the saga. From the Falcon to the DeathStar and Rey's speeder. This was a nice visual guide for all the vehicles we have come to love as Star Wars fans.

These books are a nice addition to your Star Wars book shelf.

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