Friday, January 12, 2018

Review: Legend of Korra : Turf Wars Part One

This volume picks up immediately after the finale of the animated series.The creators of the show had made it very clear after the finale that Korra and Asami were together as a couple, and tha future stories would in the comics would follow this storyline to fruition.

And this volume does that within the first few pages. As Korra and Asami move through the Spirit World they talk about their feelings for each other and how they developed over the years. The pair also share a sweet kiss cementing their committment to each other.

Their vacation is cut short because of upset spirits so Korra decides to visit her parents. After an awkward revelation to her family the pair return to Republic City to find a chaos worthy of the avatar's attention and a reunion with old friends.

I really loved the action in this volume and the amazing way they adressed the partnership of Korra and Asami. 

It was beautifully done and was a natural extension of the story threads of the show.

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